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New Version 1.3

The new version 1.3, as seen in the Dentist Sample, offers improved header design, banner controls, font type and size adjustments, and more. The video material in the versions 1.0-1.2 are 95% relevant to v1.3, but will be updated in due time.

Tour (Dentist Sample)

Control Panel (Dentist Sample)

Captcha & Contact Forms


The video material in the older versions below are 95% relevant to v1.3, but will be updated in due time.

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Site Info

Uploading Background

Setting Theme Color

Adjusting Navigation

Uploading a Banner

Uploading a Logo

Navigation Buttons

Adding Pages

Embedding Video

Video Library

Adding Staff Members

Edit Homepage

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Random Content on Homepage

Server Info

  • Bandwidth: No limit.
  • Disk Space: So much it makes no difference. The "cloud" is nearly endless. Example; 5GB ~ 50,000 images.
  • Number of pages/records: No limit.
  • Email: 100 accounts and 1GB/domain.
  • 99.99% uptime.
  • Physical Location: Tucker Building, St Louis, MO

Feature List

  • add pages with pictures
  • add photo galleries (uploaded images are automatically resized/optimized)
  • add video galleries (YouTube, Vimeo...)
  • add staff-pages
  • add links-page
  • select theme color
  • select or upload background image
  • include social-buttons
  • recommended: mobile module for cell phone compatibility - future proof the website
  • support