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Currently working on...

A dash-board website-product ( aka for customers to add/edit/delete their own pages, contents, images built with HTML5/CSS3, jQuery/jQueryMobile for computers and mobile devices. First version will be specialized to work for horse-related contents. Thereafter, a basic version will follow, as well as a version for art galleries.

Recently Projects

  1. Follow Artists: Simpson Gallagher Gallery... a feature that lets people sign up to be updated automatically when ever new artwork becomes available by the artist(s) the user chose to follow. The user can sign in to make changes. Lost passwords can be recovered, and if the user did not set a password, then temporary sign-in links are generated through email. Built with ColdFusion, SQL, HTML5/CSS3, and jQuery.

  2. Mobile versions of various websites:
  3. A couple of computer kiosks for The Buffalo Bill Historical Center, Cody, WY. One kiosk show video-clips presenting the inductees of Wyoming Outdoor Hall of Fame, and the other kiosk play audio clips with closed captions of famous (and infamous) gunslingers of the Old West.

Future Projects

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