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Johan Cronholm

Strong points:

  • Professional web application developer since 2000, big and small
  • Database driven applications (SQL Server, MySQL)
  • ColdFusion/CFC, SQL and XML
  • HTML/CSS, JavaScript/jQuery/jQueryMobile, the ususal suspects
  • Flash animations; elements or entire applications
  • Image manipulation and video editing (for DVD or web)
  • Favor functionality over fruity design.
  • Your ideas are important!

Design related notes:

  • The basic application is built to the client's specifications (in gray scale and muted colors)
  • The look and feel is by large the client's choosing (color combinations, etc.)
  • The hosting is selected by the developer (for best price, quality, service, compatibility)

Some curious facts:

  • Live in Washington, work in Wyoming sometimes, global reach
  • Married, have family in four time zones and two continents
  • Four+ years at College (University West, University of Gothenburg)
  • Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering, Information Systems
  • Further studies in Business and English
  • Well traveled, bi-lingual (with understanding of similar Scandinavian languages)
  • Big picture guy with ability to zoom in on detail
  • Goal oriented, project/scope distilling, structure striving,
    but not entirely boring
  • Strongly believes in
    minimum input + clever solution = maximum output


  • Every step that is not toward the goal is a step away from the goal. (Goldratt)
  • Efficiency is born from understanding. (Should I trademark it?)
  • Solve the problem at the station not behind a desk. (Toyota) But do feel free to bring your desk with you.